Artefact Analysis and Reporting

A Roman broach from the Isle of Grain, identified during the mitigation of a pipeline

The study of the ‘finds’ or artefacts recovered from archaeological projects is a highly specialised area requiring qualified, experienced staff to ensure material is correctly identified, appropriately handled and understood within the site context. Artefacts studied in this manner can make a huge contribution to the understanding of site or landscape in terms of chronological and socio-economic interpretations, including themes such as trade, industry, technology, status, and function. To fulfil this potential a holistic approach by highly experienced specialists is needed.

The specialist team at Archaeology South-East can provide artefact analysis and reporting on a wide range of material and artefacts types, from across all periods.  Our specialists are highly experienced at recording and reporting on flint, metal objects, building material, worked bone and other organics, stone, fired clay, glass, metallurgical remains and clay pipes from assemblages. This expertise is  particularly drawn from across southern and eastern England (including large assemblages from London) but also further afield.

We work for a number of external clients including Museum of London Archaeology, Pre-construct Archaeology, AOC Archaeology, Northamptonshire Archaeology and SLR Consulting, providing high standard reports for client and publication purposes.

We are happy to undertake single category finds reports or a comprehensive post-excavation service on entire assemblages across all types. We can also manage the involvement of archaeological conservation, external specialists and scientific dating programmes if particular projects require their input.

If you would like to discuss our services or your requirements for a particular project please get in touch.

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