Specialist Research

The identification, analysis and interpretation of artefacts and environmental remains are essential parts of most archaeological projects. Specialist research of the material culture and environmental data greatly enhances interpretation of archaeological findings and contributes significantly to our understanding of the past. Prompt and purposeful analysis by experienced specialists is key to unlocking this potential and understanding.

For these reasons, Archaeology South-East is home to an experienced team of artefact and environmental archaeology specialists who are able to undertake specialist research on a wide range of material and datasets.   We are experienced in handling material from all archaeological periods from across England and abroad. Our in-house specialist team can provide a range of services from on-site sampling and collection policies, rapid identifications, post-excavation assessment, client reports and publication. We can also provide specialist input for outreach projects, community training and research projects.

As well as our own projects, we provide Specialist Research to a number of external clients including AOC Archaeology, Museum of London Archaeology, Northamptonshire Archaeology, Pre-construct Archaeology, SLR Consulting, Surrey County Archaeological Unit and Quest, providing high standard reports for client and publication purposes.

Contact: Louise Rayner

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