Project Management

Post Excavation Project Management pulls together specialist analysis and stratigraphic field records to create a site narrative

Our Post-Excavation Project Management team have extensive experience of managing all kinds of post-excavation projects through all stages of analysis and reporting including liaising with Development Control curators, clients and consultants.  We prepare hundreds of reports each year, for a variety of commissioning bodies, and achieve this in a highly efficient and effective manner that results in a high quality product.

Our Post-excavation Project Management team has extensive experience of overseeing complex projects through all stages of reporting including liaising with Development Control curators, Planning Departments, clients and consultants.

Our team also have experience of designing project designs for English Heritage and other funding bodies and we can also offer editing services, help and advice on post-excavation project designs (including MoRPHE compliant documents for English Heritage) and specialist training programmes.

Our comprehensive post-excavation programmes can be tailored to suit the particular needs of individual projects including project designs, training programmes, analysis and publication strategies, management and editing.

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