Post-Excavation Services

Once investigations in the field are completed, the work to analyse, interpret, write up, disseminate and publish the findings begins. This ‘post-excavation’ work is an essential stage of the archaeological process and enables clients to fulfill reporting requirements for planning conditions as well as ensuring the results of archaeological investigations are brought to the wider public benefit.

The Post-Excavation team at Archaeology South-East is able to deliver this stage of work, promptly, efficiently and effectively, meeting the high demands of all stakeholders.  Our established in-house team of project managers, environmental and artefact specialists means that we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to client needs, providing prompt turnaround and complete control over costs, timetable and programming needs.

Whatever your post-excavation requirements, we’d be happy to discuss our services and develop the right package for you.

Contact: Louise Rayner

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