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Unlocking the secrets of the Victorian police station in Portslade, East Sussex

Historic Buildings are an important source of information about architectural, engineering and building crafts, and social and economic history. Uninformed changes to the fabric of historic buildings can result in the loss of valuable information.

Archaeology South East can provide assistance with historic building projects at a number of levels, from a rapid visual assessment of a structure to a detailed archaeological record.

Historic building assessment is typically carried out to inform the process of change to a building, and provides a means to understanding often complex structures to determine what is there and what is significant. This provides the basis from which informed decisions can be made about the future of a building, providing valuable input to the design and preparation of satisfactory proposals.

The creation of a detailed building record may be required as a planning condition in order to mitigate the loss of historic fabric or structures.

We liaise with building owners, conservation architects, builders and local planning authority conservation officers to ensure a smooth path to planning consent.

We can also provide an integrated service combining building recording with below ground archaeology providing a cost effective and complete service and whatever the size and nature of the project we can provide a service to meet your needs

Case Study: Sissinghurst, Kent

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