Desk Based Assessment

Historical Map - Topographical survey of Sussex

Archaeology South-East has undertaken thousands of documentary and topographic surveys throughout England. Most such surveys have been prepared on behalf of commercial clients as part of a desk-based assessment (DBA) or landscape survey, in order to address concerns raised by planning officers at the application stage of a development proposal. Accurate information during the early stages of a project makes it possible to plan sensible mitigation measures that will speed the grant of planning consent, and enable sympathetic development of sites within areas of archaeological or historic significance.

Our expert understanding of the archaeological landscape, and experience of presenting such evidence to developers and planners, allows us to fully meet commercial needs at very competitive rates.

All our DBA reports conform to the recommendations set out by the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists in Standards and Guidance for Archaeological Desk-Based Assessments, are compiled in line with planning guidance, and are tailored to the particular needs of individual clients and planning committees.

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