Geophysical Survey

Magnetometery Survey

Archaeology South-East has a dedicated geophysical survey team that can undertake Magnetometry, Resistivity and Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys.  Our team also has expertise with other remote sensing techniques such as Magnetic Susceptibility and LiDAR.

Geophysical survey can be a powerful, low cost and un-intrusive tool that can rapidly evaluate a sites archaeological potential.  Geophysical survey is especially successful at identifying the remains of buildings, metallic finds and areas which have been subject to heat.  However, the results of Geophysical survey are not always conclusive, especially when detecting prehistoric features with fills similar to the background geology.  This uncertainty often requires the results of surveys to be 'ground truthed' by test pits or evaluation trenches.

The geophysical data collected in the field are downloaded into software created specifically for geophysics and processed and then interpreted by our staff.  The geophysical services provided by Archaeology South-East are fully integrated with our other survey techniques, allowing for a comprehensive and effective reporting procedure.

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