Features being planned in Rye using Leica Viva GS14 survey equipment

Using the most contemporary digital survey hardware and software Archaeology South-East offers a full range of survey options for known and prospective archaeological sites.  Our dedicated team of surveyors are able to rapidly record archaeological features during fieldwork, reducing the time traditionally taken by hand-planning and vastly improving accuracy.  Our numerous trained surveyors and multiple sets of equipment (DGPS and Total Station) allow us to quickly provide up to date survey data to keep our site directors, clients and planners informed.   Archaeology South-East also operates an airborne photogrammetric modelling system mounted on a remote controlled aircraft, which is able to undertake larger landscape surveys in suitable areas.

Topographic Survey 

Archaeological topographic survey is the close point survey of known or prospective archaeological earthworks to aid archaeological interpretation or to form a digital/drawn record to monitor areas against natural or manmade erosion.  The combination of Archaeology South-East's geomatics and heritage management teams allow for rapid in-house production and interpretation of topographic surveys.

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