Geoarchaeological and Palaeoenvironmental


Flint Axe from Beedings Palaeolithic Survey, Pulborough

Geoarchaeology is a specialist discipline which integrates archaeology, geology and environmental science to study the interaction between humans and the natural environment from the recent past in Britain to nearly a million years before present.  Archaeology South-East has Projects Managers and Geoarchaeological specialists experienced in all aspects of geoarchaeological fieldwork that can make a correct assessment on how best to design and implement an appropriate sampling strategy. 

Through the collection of measured samples it is possible to date and reconstruct previous, or palaeo, environments through the study of palaeoenvironmental indicators (pollen, foraminifera, diatoms, insects, molluscs, plant remains etc) and the formation processes that created the sediments in which they are preserved. 

Typically geoarchaeological fieldwork can involve the monitoring of site investigation works, the excavation of deep test pits, the drilling of boreholes or the undertaking of specialist geophysical survey.  Observations made during geoarchaeological fieldwork can also be used to create sub-surface deposit models to interpret where significant deposits lie and show whether proposed developments are likely to impact upon them.

Palaeolithic / Pleistocene Services

Archaeology South-East builds on the long research history of the Institute of Archaeology in Palaeolithic studies to offer specialist commercial services in this area.  Palaeolithic finds can comprise of stone tools, butchered animals bones, occasional fossil remains left by extinct species of human including Homo Erectus and Neanderthals and related palaeoenvironmental indicators.  Palaeolithic deposits can be exceptionally rare and so Palaeolithic discoveries can be of international importance as they provide insights to the human evolutionary journey and the responses of past populations to large changes in the earth’s climate over the past million years.

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