Excavation / Mitigation

Excavation of Mesolithic structures on the site of the Community Stadium, Falmer, Brighton

Once a site has been evaluated and found to contain archaeological features or finds, the planning authority can insist these be subject to archaeological excavation or mitigation prior to the commencement of construction.  Archaeology South-East has over 25 years experience of effectively running archaeological excavations to increase our collective knowledge of past societies whilst providing an efficient and competitive service to our clients.

The process is overseen by one of our fieldwork project managers and the excavation is conducted by one of our experienced site directors supervising a team of archaeologists. Throughout the excavation, we liaise closely between the client and relevant planning or statutory body to avail them of any significant findings and to ensure the archaeological works and undertaken on time and within budget.  Our project managers can offer advice as to the financial risk associated with archaeological excavation and can assist in the programming of fieldwork within wider construction programmes.

Following completion of the fieldwork, our in house post-excavation team ensure a prompt assessment of data, finds and environmental samples recovered from the site in order that an appropriate level of analysis and publication can be undertaken. The final signing off of any planning condition relating to archaeology will be made by the Planning Authority following the submission of the final report or publication.

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