Community Engagement

We are widely involved with community archaeology. This means that we participate in a range of non-commercial projects and activities that directly engage the public which includes local society groups, students and other community partners.

Our in-house team has a proven track record of designing and delivering outreach programmes, covering a wide range of activities for a variety of audiences. The range of outreach activities we undertake on a regular basis include talks to local societies and at local and regional conferences about our recent projects and research, and visits to local schools to introduce children to the work of archaeologists.

We also incorporate community outreach into our commercial projects whenever possible, working with our clients to enable communities to engage with archaeology taking place in their locale. These include the design and implementation of the outreach from liaison with the local press and preparation of adverts and press releases, and production of leaflets, posters and flyers to promote activities, through to the delivery of on-site activities and post-fieldwork talks and displays.  The range of activities and audiences include on-site school visits and public open days with site tours and finds and environmental specialists showing artefacts, children’s activities as part of family open days, displays at community open days to promote the results of local fieldwork, community excavation with a local school, volunteers from local societies working under supervision on-site and off-site.

In addition to our in-house team of community archaeologists we also benefit from the advice of our Principal Consultant Mike Corbishley and his team at the Centre for Applied Archaeology. We offer advice on outreach and education policies, and can organize training courses, workshops and conferences.

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