This course is assessed through a brief (1000 word) illustrated account of one or more experiments or activities that the student undertook during the course. It counts as 10% of the final mark for course ARCL1006: Introduction to Archaeological Methods and Techniques. It should be written in the student's Field Notebook and handed in to Judy Medrington, in room 411A.on the 4th floor of the Institute, not later than 5 pm on the Friday after the course finishes.

Students should describe exactly what they have done and what they thought the activity or experiment would tell them about people's activities in the past. They should consider the questions that experimental archaeology tries to answer.

  • Have they been experimenting with particular materials?
  • Did the experiment answer the initial question or did it raise further questions?
  • If they have been experimenting with processing or cooking foods, how much time and effort would have been put into these processes if one were really subsisting on these foods?
  • What evidence might be left in the archaeological record that would give an indication of what had been done?
  • If the experiment failed, describe what might have been the problem and how one might change the experiment if it was to be conducted again.

Students should think about the broader aims and objectives of experimental archaeology and how what they have written fits into them.

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