Degree Programmes

UCL Institute of Archaeology

Our degrees are extremely unusual for including 70 days of funded fieldwork (subsistence and travel grants). In the first week of the first year the 4-day Experimental Archaeology course gives a very early exposure to a wide variety of aspects of earlier technologies and archaeological processes. It also provides excellent opportunities for every new undergraduate student to get to know the other people in their year, as well as the officers of the student society. Together with the Training Excavation in the summer of the first year our students develop the skills and experience needed to get the most out of the rest of their 70 days of fieldwork, by acquiring an excellent grounding in field excavation and recording techniques as well as experiencing life on an archaeological excavation.

BA Degrees
BA in Archaeology UCAS F400  3 years
BA in Archaeology with a Year Abroad UCAS F401
 4 years
BA in Archaeology and Anthropology UCAS FL46
 3 years
BA in Egyptian Archaeology UCAS F424
 3 years
BA in Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation UCAS VQ48
 3 years
BSc Degrees
BSc in Archaeology UCAS F402  3 years

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