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Archaeology in the World

This final year course is a forum for debate.  It requires students to draw upon their knowledge and experience of previous core courses, options, fieldwork, extra-curricular experiences and interests to reflect upon the relevance of archaeological knowledge for wider debates about the past, present and future of humanity.

A short lecture series will discuss some of the 'big themes' to which archaeology can contribute, for example: the tragedy of the commons, climate change, the contingency of civilisations. Students will then take themes of their choosing to explore how information and approaches learned in their previous work can illuminate those themes.

Assessed work will examine students' academic understanding of the potential of archaeological knowledge and also their ability to communicate this to educated non-specialists, for example government policy advisers.

Course information

  • Code: ARCL3097
  • Course unit value: 0.5
  • Coordinator: Mark Lake
  • Prerequisite:
  • Handbook: open»

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  • Runs every year

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