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Course description

This course aims to expand your knowledge of the British Bronze and Iron Ages, from the emergence of elites in the Early Bronze Age to the development of urban sites in the Late Iron Age (c.2000 BC to AD 43). The course sets out to consider and familiarise you with the surviving physical remains of these periods - both sites and material culture - and to highlight major issues relating to their interpretation. In particular the course focuses on general, period-specific, and context-specific themes and theoretical perspectives relating to current debates in later British prehistory.

Topics include: elites and monumentality; the deliberate destruction and disposal of metalwork; houses and lifecycles; field systems and tenure; hillforts; structured deposition and the meaning of rubbish; contact with the Roman world, urbanism and social changes in the Late Iron Age.

The course is taught via lecturers, seminars, practicals, a museum visit, and a field day.

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