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Archaeological Ceramics

Archaeological ceramics

This course provides a broad introduction to the study of ceramics in archaeology and demonstrates their role in interpreting various aspects of past societies.

The module is composed of lectures, museum visits, fieldwork and artefact handling.

Following a broad introduction to the wide spectrum of world ceramic types and traditions, the course will focus on the ceramic production sequence and the role of ethnography, experimentation and scientific analysis in interpreting past technology and its embedded cultural information.

Archaeological ceramics

The key topics of distribution, use and discard will also be addressed. The module will provide practical guidelines for the recording and classification of ceramic sherds within archaeology, as well as an overview of the range of specialist laboratory analyses that may be applied to assemblages. The module provides a solid introduction for students interested in ceramics-based dissertations or wishing to study ceramics at post-graduate level.

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  • Not running in 2017-18

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