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Advanced Field Techniques


This course is aimed to develop students' knowledge of field techniques learnt during their first year and vacation fieldwork. Topics will include research designs, aerial archaeology, regional sampling, geophysics, site formation and transformation, digital site data recording, recording systems and post-excavation analysis. A number of sessions are taught by visiting speakers as well as a number of IoA staff.

  • Code: ARCL2031
  • Course unit value: 0.5
  • Coordinator: Kris Lockyear
  • Prerequisite: ARCL1015 and minimum of 30 days fieldwork completed out of your 70 days.
  • Handbook: openĀ»

For registered students

  • Moodle page: openĀ»
  • Turnitin id: 434738
  • Reading list:

Availability: Running in 2014-15

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