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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Archaeological Problems


This course will be replaced by ARCL1016 and ARCL1017 from 2013-14

This course serves as an introduction to archaeology, where students become familiar with major concepts, techniques and approaches in the subject.

Aims: A primary aim of the course is to show how different disciplines - e.g. sciences, geography, ecology, anthropology, ethnography, social theory - contribute to archaeology, both in the analyses of evidence and in theories drawn on in interpretation.

Teaching methods Practical Handling Class

Teaching is organised into a series of broad themes (time, people, space, environment, material culture), which serve as the archaeological 'problems' to be investigated. Within each theme, the application of scientific techniques is covered, alongside various ways of conceptualizing and interpreting evidence and data sets. Case studies are drawn from a wide range of geographical areas and archaeological periods.

In addition to lectures by specialist members of staff, study groups provide students the opportunity for further discussion on particular topics, as well as practical handling sessions.

  • Code: ARCL1007
  • Course unit value: 1.0
  • Coordinator: James Steele
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