Student feedback

MA Archaeology

  • "The IoA provides positive support and maintains a "can do" approach in all circumstances." - Peter Coe
  • "Excellent staff and facilities - have been here for my BA and MA and will be sorry to leave." - Tina Paphitis
  • "The best university in the world to study archaeology."  -  Ileana Echauri Prez

MA Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East

  • "The friendly environment of the IoA, the accessibility of the teaching staff with their wide range of specialities and the library makes the experience of studying  archaeology at the IoA very enjoyable." - Ingrid Iversen
  • "The most intellectually stimulating year of my life." - Edward Scott-Clarke 
  • "First-class course and teaching methods." - Vasilis Piccou
  • "This was a really fulfilling degree." -  Erica Cleghorn
  • "My experience in the Institute completely met my expectations."  Aikaterini Kanatselou
  • "A really brilliant year!  I can't believe how quickly it's gone -  I'll really miss the Institute."  Michael Lewis

MA Artefact Studies

  • "MA Artefact Studies is a fantastic course for anyone considering a career in museum archaeology." - Felicity Winkley
  • "The MA Artefacts course was not only stimulating, it gave me practical tools I can use in my career as a writer and art consultant." -  Dawn Davis
  • "A most satisfying experience.  Satisfying all my expectations."  -  Paul Whitcombe

MA Comparative Art and Archaeology

  • "My time with the Archaeology Department was brilliant - the course was immersive and stimulating and the teachers were always approachable and enthusiastic about their subject. Being in the heart of London you are never far away from great museums or galleries to support your studies at UCL." - Grace Fussell
  • "Fantastic learning opportunity surrounded by enthusiastic people." - Laura Quartly
  • "A stimulating place where you can gather all your interests and develop your skills to the maximum." - Santiago Gonzalez Villajos
  • "In a single year I have studied at UCL and worked at the Petrie Museum, never before have I felt so fortunate." - Edmund Connolly

MA Cultural Heritage

  • "It will get you thinking, that's for sure." - Elena Payami
  • "A very stimulating year." - Mary O'Toole
  • "This course was interesting, entertaining and thought provoking." - Sian Toogood
  • "Work's hard but its worth it." - Patricia Rafferty
  • "Great place and people, you meet some good friends and have great opportunities." - Colin Ailes
  • "My Masters, which I undertook part-time alongside work in the relevant sector, equipped me with a sound and deep understanding of the issues, theories and ideas surrounding the sector today."  -  Jennifer Bull
  • "Having completed both my undergraduate and masters degrees here, the Institute continues to be the best of the best in all regards.  I hope to do my PhD here too!"  -  Jonathan Gardner
  • "My time at the Institute has been rewarding and fulfilling both academically and personally."  -  Lindsey Keys
  • "The most enthusiastic and inspiring teachers I have ever had."  -  Harriet Louth

MA Egyptian Archaeology

  • "Studying at the IoA is a fantastic experience, world reknown lectureres, cutting edge research and all in the heart of London. I loved it." - Sarah Doherty
  • "This year was a tremendous maturing process professionally.  The value of the education I received cannot be overstated."  -  Scottie Baker Jr
  • "The most uplifting experience I've had."  -  Claire Nicholas

MA Managing Archaeological Sites

  • "Fantastic course with unbelievable support from all the tutors." - Simon Allwood 
  • "A global university for a new globalized world." - Eleni Fragkaki
  • "Fantastic course which provides the practical skills needed to put all the theory into practice."  -  Helen Canby
  • "The past year has been so enjoyable and rewarding.  Not only have I learnt so much about a subject close to my  heart but I have made some life-long friends."  -  Nicola Pearce
  • "Best years of my life.  The best place to learn in and have fun doing it."  -  Carla Piper

MA Museum Studies

  • "I had a wonderful and enjoyable student experience at UCL." - Tracey Golding
  • "The MA Museum Studies has prepared me for the 'real' museum world and I am ready to get to work now." - Rosalie Hans
  • "An extremely worthwhile year that successfully bridges the gap between interest and professional practice." - Lucy Elder
  • "The dynamic structure of the course was what made it so worthwhile." - Daniel Slater
  • "UCL has given me a fantastic MA experience.  It has informed and inspired my career aspirations."  -  Sara Brouwer
  • "Great course in a great location.  Loved every minute."  -  Amy Carmichael
  • "Great location, fabulous staff and amazing resources."  -  Lizzie Cooper
  • "Enjoyable as it was challenging and rewarding."  -  Kathryn Swainston
  • "UCL is a world-class university."  -  Kat Wulwick

MA Principles of Conservation

  • "Not only have I had the best four years, but I feel like I have gained a family - my Institute family." - Jennifer Booth
  • "An excellent course and excellent department." - Hazel Gardiner
  • "Brilliant course with enthusiastic staff."  -  Nichola Harrison
  • "The programme has surpassed my expectations.  I look forward to starting my MSc in the Institute this coming term."  -  Rafael Lopez Bravo
  • "Absolutely fantastic department - First Class." -  Rebecca Pont

MA Public Archaeology

  • "The Institute offers a great range of opportunities and is a great place to research." Paul Burtenshaw
  • "An amazing department with a wonderful sense of community." -  Leah Acheson Roberts
  • "I have enjoyed my time here so much - I don't want to leave.  Excellent resources.  All of the staff are amazing, inspirational and supportive."  -  Scarlett McGrail
  • "I am very pleased I decided to do my MA at UCL.  The services, teaching, libraries and staff have all been excellent."  -  Tommaso Pipan
  • "This year is one of the best years in my life." -  Chayonon Sowana

MSc Conservation for Archaeology and Museums

  • "Hard work, but wouldn't have missed it for the world!" - Novelette-Aldoni Stewart
  • "Coming back to university at UCL as a mature student has been a great experience!" -  Rosemary Jeffreys
  • "In my 3 years at the Institute I have met so many wonderful people and learned so much from them -  peers and professors alike.  To say I will miss it will be an understatement, UCL has shaped the person I am today."  -  Lyda Muros

MSc Environmental Archaeology

  • "Studying in London, and especially in a University like UCL was a great experience." - Anna Spirou
  • "Wonderful, would recommend it to anyone." - Elizabeth Stroud

MSc in GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology

  • "The IoA is the best example of what archaeology should be as a discipline today:  it combines great academic tradition with cutting edge research."  -  Eduardo Herrera Malatesta
  • "Very hard work, very gratifying."  -  Susan Green
  • "I now feel that I have been given the research tools that will allow me to move on to a PhD."  -  Damon Ortega

MSc Forensic Archaeological Science

  • "Doing my masters at UCL has enriched my career prospects and I enjoyed the year so much." - Sophie Barnett
  • "The combination of different backgrounds on the course created great discussion during and after class.  A fantastic course."  -  Helen Clarkson
  • "A challenging course, delivered by first class tutors, in excellent surroundings." -  David Dance
  • "The MSc in Forensic Archaeological Science is excellent; the small class size and quality of teaching are the main draws." -  Lindsay Deuchars
  • "Fantastic and well-worth-it experience!  Thank you!!" -  Vivienne Harris

MSc Palaeoanthroplogy and Palaeolithic Archaeology

  • "I felt so welcome at the IoA." - Cory Stade
  • "The Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic archaeology course has been on of the most profound journeys of my life." -  Phil Hawker 
  • "It was a great course." -  Joanna Stone
  • "I've enjoyed every minute." -  Mick Vernon
  • "I am so glad I came to UCL to do my Master's degree: great staff, motivated coursemates and a great city: all together a great place to study." - Dorien de Vries

MSc Skeletal and Dental Bioarchaeology

  • "Considering the prestige of the department I found everyone friendly, approachable and supportive." - Hayley Dunn
  • "A well-rounded and a unique program with access to world-class collections and knowledge."  -  Liam Lanigan 

MSc Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Material

  • "Excellent support and flexibility shown to mature students." - Lynn Biggs
  • "Thank you for fulfilling my dream of studying Archaeometallurgy."  -  Pira Venunan

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