MSc in Forensic Archaeological Science


Co-ordinator: Carolyn Rando
Other Major Contributors: Simon Hillson, Tony Waldron, Wendy Birch (Anatomy)

This degree is designed to provide students who have an archaeological background (or equivalent experience) with the skills required in order to work within the field of crime investigation: with emphasis on search and recovery. In particular, this programme deals with scientific skills which are commonly employed in archaeological research, and which are now being applied increasingly within the field of in forensic investigations. The programme also combines the expertise of the Institute of Archaeology with the skills and experience provided by police officers and forensic scientists from other institutions.

This degree has strong links with the MSc in Skeletal and Dental Bioarchaeology which ensures that individual courses have an interesting mix of participants and provides many opportunities for cross-disciplinary discussion.

Teaching is carried out over a full academic year, although it is also possible to take the course part-time over two years. If you do not have an archaeological background, please contact the programme co-ordinator for further guidance.

Please note that this degree will not run in 2014/15 and is being replaced by the MSc in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology.

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