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Facilities and Staff

The Institute of Archaeology provides a stimulating environment for postgraduate study, with over 240 registered Masters students and 120 MPhil/PhD students and extensive facilities. Its outstanding archaeological library is complemented by University College London's main library, University of London Senate House and other specialist libraries.

The teaching staff for this degree bring together a range and depth of expertise that is arguably unparalleled at other institutions.

  • Richard Bussmann explores social diversity and long-term developments within ancient Egyptian society. He correlates texts, images, and material culture for inclusive approaches to ancient Egypt based on research models of social and cultural anthropology. His current research project 'The Seals and Seal Impressions from Hierakonpolis' investigates the materiality of Egyptian administration and the establishment of royal authority in provincial contexts.
  • Stephen Quirke is a specialist in ancient Egyptian written evidence, with a focus on the Middle Bronze Age (Middle Kingdom, 2050-1750 BC). He is is interested in motifs of social structure and rule (‘kingship’), and the ethics, politics and social history of archaeology and archaeological collections.
  • David Wengrow specialises in the comparative archaeology of the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean with a focus on the transition from Neolithic to early complex societies. He is particularly interested in the application of anthropological theory to problems of archaeological interpretation, such as the nature of ritual and political authority, technological change, and modes of consumption and exchange. He has recently published a book entitled The Archaeology of Early Egypt. Social Transformations in North-East Africa, 10,000-2,650 BC.

Other contributing staff include Andrew Bevan, Beverley Butler, Dorian Fuller, Rachael Sparks, Todd Whitelaw and Karen Wright.

Funding Opportunities

  • For details of Departmental funding opportunities please click here
  • A list of the funding opportunities available for students taking taught Masters programmes is provided by the Student Funding Office.
  • Students of the MA in Egyptian Archaeology are eligible to apply for The Isis Prize to fund research projects on Ancient Egypt.

While you are here

After you leave

  • Some recent graduates of the programme have gone on to do PhDs while others have pursued an incredibly wide range of professional careers in field archaeology, museums, the wider heritage sector and beyond.

Further Information and Application Forms

  • Applications are normally accepted any time from 1st November to 1st August unless there are no longer any places available.
  • For further details, please email Richard Bussmann, or the Institute of Archaeology's Graduate Admissions Tutor.

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