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Old and Middle Egyptian Texts

The course aims at an intermediate knowledge level of Middle Egyptian language, to explore ancient writing as one element of the archaeological record for Bronze Age Egypt. It is structured around the discussion of Old and Middle Egyptian grammar, questions of Egyptian scripts, and the interpretation of Old and Middle Kingdom writings in their wider archaeological, social, and cultural context.


The course provides training for students who wish to explore Old and Middle Egyptian writings for their MA dissertation or PhD research.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the course the students should:

  • be able to read intermediate Old and Middle Egyptian texts
  • be able to assess critically the value of Old and Middle Egyptian texts for agendas within archaeology, history and heritage

Course Structure

The course is taught through a series of 20 hours. Teaching is shared with the undergraduate course ARCL3100 “Old and Middle Egyptian Texts”.


The course is assessed by means of one essay of 2,500 words contributing 50% to the final mark and a two hour exam contributing 50% to the final mark.

Course information

For registered students

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  • Not running in 2017-18

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