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Middle Egyptian Language

The course introduces students to Middle Egyptian grammar and the hieroglyphic script used for monumental inscriptions throughout the Pharaonic and Roman periods in Egypt (ca. 3200 BC to AD 400). 

Aims of the course

The course provides training for students who wish to build ancient Egyptian written material into their MA dissertation or PhD research.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the course the students should:

· be able to read simple Middle Egyptian texts in hieroglyphs

· have acquired a basic working vocabulary of Ancient Egyptian language

Teaching Methods

The course is taught through a series of 20 hours of lectures and seminars. Teaching is shared with the undergraduate course  ARCL2046 “Introduction to ancient Egyptian language”.


The course is assessed by means of a two hours exam (50%), two in-class tests of 15 minutes (each 10%) and three assignments of 500 words (each 10%).

Course information

For registered students

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  • Running in 2017-18

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