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Primate Evolution

The course will cover topics relating to primate evolution from the origin of the order through to the modern day. Specific subjects for discussion will be chosen each year following latest developments in the field, but will tend to focus on central issues, in particular the environmental and chronological context of major clade diversifications, species diversity and adaptive innovations.

After completion of the course, students should have a good understanding of key issues and current research in the field of primate evolution. They will have gained a good knowledge of extant and extinct primate diversity and will be in a position to critically assess and inform key topical debates relating to primate evolution, but also, more broadly, to apply their knowledge to current societal issues relating, for example, to species conservation or climate change.

  • 2 hour post-graduate seminar and 2 hour lab practical each week
  • Recommended attendance of 2 hour BSc lecture each week (Primate Evolution)

Course information

  • Code: ARCLG211/ANTHGH17
  • Credits: 15
  • Coordinator: Christophe Soligo
  • Prerequisite:
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  • Running in 2014-15

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