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Ancient Egypt in London


This course will study the history, archaeology, art, religion and people of ancient Egypt from the first developing civilisation of the Predynastic period through the age of the great pharaohs as represented in London museums, particularly the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology UCL and the British Museum.

We will also investigate the historical foundation of London's Egyptian collections via the Enlightenment Gallery at the BM and with a visit to the Soane Museum. The influence that ancient Egypt has had upon the monumental and funerary architecture of London will be explored during a tour of some of the surviving ‘Egyptianising’ buildings, monuments and Victorian cemeteries of London.

Students will be expected to prepare for each visit with specified reading and to make oral presentations. The course will be assessed by two pieces of written work. Students are advised to ensure that their time-table will allow them the necessary travelling time to reach the museum venues. The Soane Museum is a 10-15 minute walk from UCL. Arrangements for the London architectural tour will be finalised during the first class. 

The course is designed for Affiliate/JYA students whose home Department is outside the Institute of Archaeology, and no previous knowledge of the subject is necessary.

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  • Running in 2018-19