Argamum (Jurilovca village, Tulcea County)

Argamum is a Graeco-Roman settlement which is on a promontory projecting into Lake Razelm.

The earliest finds date to the early Iron Age overlain by a Greek colony. The site remained occupied throughout the Hellenistic, Roman and early Byzantine periods until the 7th century AD. The site had a number of defensive circuits although the most visible is late Roman. Outside these walls is an extramural settlement of Roman date. The site was at its greatest extent between Trajan and Valens but shrank at the time of the Gothic wars in the late fourth century. (Enciclopedia Arheologiei si Istoriei Vechi a Romaniei, vol. 1, pp. 90–91).


One of the many early Christian basilicae at Argamum.


A smaller early Christian basilica.


The defences badly damaged by 20th century slit trenches.


One of the gates of the town.


View of the site from the road leading up to it.


Part of the surviving wall at Argamum. Much of the wall on this side of the site has eroded into the Danube delta.


Panoramic view from the defenses of Argamum.

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