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Handout from the 2007 season Open Day

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Lockyear, K., T. Sly and A. Popescu with contributions from Mihaela Ciausescu, Clive Orton, Jane Sidell and Robin Symonds (2006-2007). 'The Noviodunum Archaeological Project 2000-2004: results and conclusions from the pilot seasons.' Peuce, New Series, 3-4, pp. 121-158.

2003 Season

Comment from student member of the team:

'This was my second year on the Noviodunum Archaeological Project having first worked on the site in the summer of 2002. My main reason for going back to Romania was to contribute to the project and increase my surveying skills - but I also wanted to revisit the country.

For those considering the NAP as an option for fieldwork it will provide an interesting site to work on and as the next stage of fieldwork may involve excavation there will be plenty of finds and interesting features unearthed. The weather this 2003 season was not as hot as 2002; it was unusually cool and should not be used as a yardstick to judge the Romanian summer, and I would still say that those who dislike hot climates should not consider Noviodunum for fieldwork options.

The nature of the project will probably change somewhat with more intrusive archaeological strategies and the numbers involved will obviously be greater than the small numbers required for the survey that has been completed to date. Those who expect creature comforts and easy access to amenities should probably avoid working in Romania but for the rest of us it is an interesting country to visit and in terms of the archaeology, especially Late Roman material, it is an under-rated source.'

Mark Tibble


Having "second breakfast" in the barn due to bad weather.


The 2003 Team.
Back row: Tim Sly, Clarissa Hopwood, Jane Sidell;
second row: Oliver Hutchinson, Geoff Boadle, Adrian Popescu;
third row: Kris Lockyear, Deborah German, Stella Li, Ash Rennie;
fourth row: David Staunton, Marc Athow, Mark Tibble;
front: Robin Symonds.


The team stop for "second breakfast".


Project co-director Tim Sly enjoying a cup of tea.


"Over there… no over there… pardon?"

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