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The aims of the project are twofold:

Investigations to date

Activities in 2016

The 2016 excavation will take place between Monday, 20 June - Sunday, 31 July 2016. We will continue to excavate trench 1, where we hope to reach the natural and will also excavate a pit in the SW part of the trench.

There may also be opportunities to participate in small test-excavations in the area.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining an International team of students in excavating an early Neolithic settlement, send your letter of application to u.sommer@ucl.ac.uk and c.t.astalos@gmail.com (please send the letters to both of us, as we are conducting other fieldwork activities as well, sometimes out of reach of the internet). Your letter should contain information on:

  • your previous archaeological experience
  • a short CV, explaining your interest in the project
  • the dates you would like to join the excavation
Further details about the excavation»

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