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Dating standing buildings

Martin Bridge undertakes a programme of ongoing contract dendrochronological work with English Heritage and others, mostly dating buildings that are receiving grant-aid from EH.

Related outputs

  • Bridge, M.C. (2012) Locating the origins of wood resources: a review of dendroprovenancing. Journal of Archaeological Science
  • Bridge, M.C. (2009) The contribution of dendrochronology to church archaeology. Church Archaeology, 10, 43-49
  • Bridge, M.C. (2009) Tree Ring Analysis, in: Hill Hall: a singular house devised by a Tudor intellectual, Eds Drury, P. and Simpson, R. Section 5.4 Pgs 362-366. Society of Antiquaries, London
  • 40 EH Research Department Reports since 2007 – with several more in prep.
  • Annual dating lists in Vernacular Architecture


  • English Heritage