Shahrizor Research Project

Landscape and tell settlement near Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Investigating archaeological and environmental change

This research project entails researching archaeological and environmental change in the Shahrizor using interdisciplinary methods and social-ecological modelling.

Current research has focused on recovering sedimentary data and phytoliths from valley regions of the Shahrizor to get a preliminary idea of land use and environmental change in the region during different periods.

Related outputs

  • Altaweel, M., Marsh, A., Muhl, S., Nieuwenhuyse, O., Radner, K., Rasheed, K., and Saber, S. In press. New Investigations in the Environment, History, and Archaeology of the Iraqi Hilly Flanks: Shahrizor Survey Project 2009-2011. Iraq.


  • Funding has previously been obtained from the United States State Department and the British Institute for the Study of Iraq
  • Results of funding applications to the AHRC and Qatar Government are pending.

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