Examination and Conservation of the 'Ain Ghazal plaster cache

Ain Ghazal plaster statue

Archaeological conservation and analysis of Neolithic sculpture

Ain Ghazal plaster statues

The discovery of a cache of 28 statues at the Neolithic site of 'Ain Ghazal, Jordan in 1983 caused a sensation and triggered a sequence of activities involving the safe removal of the material from the site, the scientific examination of the pieces and their conservation. The second and third of these major strands are ongoing in the effort to study and preserve these remarkable statues for posterity.

Related outputs

  • Two statues returned to Jordan for exhibition in the National Museum of Jordan and the Citadel Museum, both in Amman (March 1-3, 2010)
  • CF10 ICON Conference presentation with Caroline Cartwright, British Museum (March 24-26, 2010)
  • British Museum Research Colloquium presentation (July 6, 2009)

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