David Wengrow
  • d.wengrow@ucl.ac.uk
  • Direct: +44 (0)20 7679 4720
  • Internal: 24720
  • Room 601
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

David Wengrow

Research Interests

  • Comparative archaeology of the Middle East, North-East Africa, and Eastern Mediterranean
  • Early state formation
  • Cognitive and evolutionary approaches to culture
  • Prehistoric art and aesthetics
  • Intellectual and social history of archaeology and anthropology

Research Directory Records

Educational Background

  • 1996 BA Honours in Archaeology and Anthropology, Oxford University
  • 1998 MSt. in World Archaeology, Oxford University
  • 2002 DPhil, Oxford University
  • 2002 Frankfort Fellow in Near Eastern Art and Archaeology, Warburg Institute
  • 2001-4 Junior Research Fellow, Christ Church, Oxford University

I welcome applications from prospective doctoral students who are seeking to apply archaeological data from the Middle East, North East Africa, and/or the Eastern Mediterranean regions to current issues in anthropological and social theory. I am particularly interested in research that adopts a comparative, cross-regional approach to the archaeological record. I am also keen to supervise work that explores the interface between cognition, imagery and material culture.

Current Students

  • Ikram Ghabriel The Cult of Ptah at Thebes (joint supervision with Stephen Quirke)
  • Eleanor Preston The Ubaid in the Arabian Gulf: chemical and petrographic analysis of potters from Iraq to the Straits of Hormuz (joint supervision with Robert Carter)
  • Jill Goulder Social and economic impacts of early use of working donkeys and cattle in the Ancient Near East: insights from modern working-animal studies (joint supervision with Louise Martin)
  • Hana Sosnowska Chipped stone industries of Iraqi Kurdistan, from the Neolithic to the Chalcolithic periods (joint supervision with Dorian Fuller and Norah Moloney)
  • Elizabeth Farebrother Human-animal interaction in the later prehistory Iraqi Kurdistan: a zooarchaeological perspective (joint supervision with Louise Martin)
  • Kristine Franke The development of metallurgy in Upper Mesopotamia during the 3rd millennium BC (joint supervision with Thilo Rehren)
  • Xose Luis Hermoso Buxan Built environment and society in Iran, Neolithic to Iron Age (joint supervision with Mark Altaweel)

Past Supervisions

  • Dr Matilda Duncker Egyptianising funerary monuments in Victorian Britain: a social analysis (joint supervision with Jeremy Tanner)
  • Dr Simon Martin The ancient Maya State: An epigraphic approach to reconstructing a Pre-Hispanic political system (principal supervisor Elizabeth Graham)
  • Dr Omer Can Aksoy Military Doctrine in Pre-Islamic Arabia: An Archaeological Approach (joint supervision with Robert Carter, UCL Qatar)
  • Dr Carl Walsh Techniques of the body and the transmission of courtly lifestyles in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean (joint supervision with Andrew Bevan)
  • Dr Anna Panagiotou A comparative approach to the decorated pottery of the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean (joint supervision with Cyprian Broodbank) PhD awarded 2015
  • Dr Mary Shepperson The use and meaning of light in ancient Mespotamian cities (second supervisor Harriet Crawford) PhD awarded 2012
  • Dr Gareth Brereton The social life of human remains: Burial rites and the accumulation of capital during the transition from Neolithic to urban societies in the Near East (second supervisor Stephen  Shennan) PhD awarded 2011
  • Dr Sada Mire Somali heritage and archaeology (second supervisor, with Andrew Reid) PhD awarded 2009
  • Dr Wendy Monkhouse Transmission of knowledge from Pharaonic to Islamic Egypt (joint supervision with John Tait) PhD awarded 2008
  • Archaeology of Early Egypt (CUP, 2006; 2009)
  • La Arqueologia del Egipto Arcaico (Bellaterra, 2007)
  • What Makes Civilization? (OUP, 2010)
  • Cultures of Commodity Branding (Left Coast, 2010)
  • The Origins of Monsters (2014)

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