Rachael Sparks
  • r.sparks@ucl.ac.uk
  • Direct: +44 (0)20 7679 1529
  • Internal: 21529
  • Room B55
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Rachael Sparks

Rachael is on sabbatical during 2017-18

Research Interests

  • The material culture of the Levant in the Bronze and Iron Ages
  • Stone vessel production, distribution and use
  • Cultural interaction between Egypt and the Levant
  • The relationship between material culture and group identity
  • The work of Flinders Petrie in Palestine, 1926-1938

Research Directory Records

Educational Background

  • 1990: BA (University of Sydney)
  • 1999: PhD (University of Sydney)
  • 2009: Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (University College London)

Current Students

  • Josef Briffa Representation, Agency and Symbolic manipulation in the Late Iron Age Southern Levant (8-6th centuries B.C.) (secondary supervisor Mark Altaweel).
  • Andrea Squitieri Stone vessels in the Near East from the Iron Age through the Hellenistic period (secondary supervisor Bill Sillar).
  • Parthiban Yahambaram┬áAgricultural intensification in the Iron Age Levant: Causes and Consequences (secondary supervisor Louise Martin).

Completed students

  • Alice Hunt Archaeological and archaeometric analysis of Neo-Assyrian palace ware (principal supervisor Thilo Rehren)
  • Eric McCann The Ceramics of Faras, Ballana, Qustul and Qasr Ibrim: A Re-appraisal of Pottery Production and Consumption in Lower Nubia during the Meroitic Period (principal supervisor Kevin Macdonald).

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