Corinna Riva
  • c.riva@ucl.ac.uk
  • Direct: +44 (0)20 7679 7536
  • Internal: 27536
  • Room 406
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Corinna Riva

Research Interests

  • Iron Age Italy and the 1st millennium BC in the Central Mediterranean: interaction between the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Sea regions.
  • East-west interaction and comparative archaeology of the 1st-millennium BC Mediterranean; colonialism and colonization; social and political identities.
  • Theoretical approaches to cultural contact and material culture; consumption and cultural appropriation.
  • Mediterranean ‘marginal’ landscapes and connectivity.
  • Archaeological survey and landscape: the integration of theory and practice.

Research Directory Records

Current Projects

  • Current fieldwork (co-director): the Upper Esino Valley Survey (Marche, Italy). The main objective of UEVS is the reconstruction of the cultural landscape and interpretation of the development of human settlement in an upper valley of Adriatic Italy, using intensive surface collection and other prospection techniques. The upper Esino valley is a mountainous, highly fragmented landscape, a so-called ‘marginal’ zone of the Mediterranean. Yet, it is characterised by two important and recurring traits: a nodal position on important transappennine communication routes, along which neighbouring cultures and ethnic groups interacted from early prehistory to the medieval period and later, and a location on the cultural and political boundaries of those groups. The project is investigating the historical development of the valley as a case study in the relationship between landscape change, cultural contact and settlement dynamics on the Adriatic side of Central Italy.
  • Research Project: Material Connections: Mobility, Materiality and Mediterranean Identities jointly directed by Peter van Dommelen, Bernard Knapp (Glasgow) and Michael Rowlands (Anthropology, UCL).

Previous Posts and Educational Background

  • 1994 BA Honours in Archaeology, University of Durham
  • 1995 MA in Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Bristol
  • 2001 PhD, University of Cambridge
  • 2000-5 Junior Research Fellow, St. John’s College, University of Oxford
  • 2005-6 Temporary lecturer in Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Glasgow

I would welcome PhD applications on the following topics:

  • Social and political change in Iron Age and Archaic Italy; urbanism and exchange
  • Funerary archaeology in 1st-millennium BC Central Mediterranean 
  • Cultural interaction in the 1st-millennium BC Central Mediterranean: relationship between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Sea regions and between peninsular Italy and Tyrrhenian islands
  • Colonialism and colonization in 1st-millennium BC Mediterranean
  • East-west cultural interaction and comparative Mediterranean archaeology

Current Students

  • Oliver Lown Colonial art in the Iron Age Mediterranean from a comparative perspective: Greece, Rome and Phoenicia (joint principal supervisor Jeremy Tanner)

Second Supervisor

  • John Johnston Aspects of display and identity in 'Egyptian' burials at Panopolis (Akhmim) during the Ptolemaic period (principal supervisor John Tait)
  • Philip Connolly Compostitional analysis as a means of studying ancient Industry: The glass-making industries of the Iron Age / Hellenistic Eastern Mediterranean and Early Islamic Central Asia (principal supervisor Thilo Rehren)
  • Stavriani Orfanou Bronze offerings from the Temple of Thavlios Zeus, ancient Pherae, Volos (principal supervisor Thilo Rehren)
  • Francesco Iacono Opening the Sea Gates of Europe: Interaction in the Southern Adriatic Sea during Late Bronze Age (joint principal supervisors Todd Whitelaw and Cyprian Broodbank)

Completed PhD Students

  • La urbanización de Etruria

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