Mark Lake
  • mark.lake@ucl.ac.uk
  • Direct: +44 (0)20 7679 1535
  • Internal: 21535
  • Room 115
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Mark Lake

Research Interests

I am actively engaged in the development and use of quantitative and computational methods for studying the past, especially agent-based computer simulation and geographical information systems. I have used these techniques to study the evolutionary origins of cultural transmission, Mesolithic settlement strategies in Scotland and the spread of farming in Neolithic Europe. I also have a long standing interest in the problem of memes and the manner in which human innovation explores design space. Further information (and software) is available on my personal web pages.

For information about my AHRC Centre for the Evolution of Cultural Diversity projects, see my profile on the AHRC CECD website.

Research Directory Records

Visiting Lecturer

  • Vienna Natural History Museum, 2011
  • School of Archaeology, University of Siena, 2006
  • Dept. of Archaeology, Göteborg University. 2005

Educational Background

  • 1991: University of Cambridge, BA
  • 1995: University of Cambridge, PhD

Current Students

  • Barney Harris Landscapes of Labour: A quantitative study of monument construction in North Wessex c. 4000-2000BC. (principal supervisor Mike Parker Pearson)
  • Bjoern Menze Mapping and undestanding prehistoric European Landscape features from fine-scale terrain models and spectral images (joint principal supervisor with Andrew Bevan)
  • Damon Ortega Stone circles as societal metaphors: a multi-scaled approach to modelling hierarchal and social change in the later Neolithic and early Bronze ages using the stone circules of Britain (second supervisor Mike Parker Pearson)
  • Arthur Starzec Regionalsim and Identity in the UK and France from the 17th Century though the development of transport networks (joint principal supervisor with Andrew Gardner

Recently completed students

  • Stuart Eve Dead Men's Eyes: Embodied GIS, Mixed Reality and Landscape Archaeology (second supervisor Andrew Gardner / Sue Hamilton)
  • Enrico Crema Spatial and Temporal Models of Jomon Settlement (joint principal supervisor Andrew Bevan)
  • Michael Shapland Towers of lordship: Tower-Nave churches in society and landscape of Early Medieval England (principal supervisor Andrew Reynolds)
  • Daniel Thompson Multispectral Archaeological Prospection: A case study in the Dinar region, central western Turkey (principal supervisor Roger Matthews)
  • Rebecca Rennell Exploring Places and Landscapes of the Outer Hebridean Iron Age: A Study of Theory, Method and Application in Experiential Landscape Archaeology (principal supervisor Sue Hamilton)

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