Dominic Perring
  • d.perring@ucl.ac.uk
  • Archaeology South-East
  • Direct:+44 (0)20 7679 4778
  • Internal: 24778
  • ASE: +44 (0)1273 426830
  • Mobile: 07789724655
  • Room 413
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Dominic Perring

Research Interests

  • The origins and nature of urban society
  • Roman town planning and domestic architecture (the social meanings of urban and domestic space)
  • Architecture, art & ideology in late antiquity (including Neo-Platonic and Gnostic dualism, Eucharistic practice)
  • Archaeology of the Roman provinces (especially Britain & Syria)
  • Cultural Resource Management in UK and Middle-East
  • Archaeological method and theory

Professional Skills

  • Archaeological Project-Management
  • Planning consultancy
  • Excavation and analysis of complex archaeological sites

Career Summary

  • 1998-2004 - Lecturer in Archaeology, University of York
  • 1999-2000 - Visiting Professor, American University of Beirut
  • 1995-1998 - Executive Director, AOC Archaeology Ltd.
  • 1990-1995 - Head of Greater London Archaeology Advisory Service, English Heritage
  • 1989-1990 - Archaeological Officer, Worcester City Council
  • 1985-1989 - Research Scholar, University of Leicester
  • 1982-1985 - Director of Excavations, Cooperativa Archeologica Lombarda (Milan)
  • 1978-1982 - Senior Archaeologist, Museum of London
  • 1976-1978 - Site Supervisor, Lincoln Archaeological Trust


  • 1999 – PhD, School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester.
  • 1976 - BA Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

Membership of Learned Societies and Professional Recognition

  • Member, Institute of Field Archaeologists
  • Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries
  • Associate Editor, Berytus
  • Member, Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

Key Projects

  • Beirut, Lebanon: Souks excavations Director of international programme of archaeological salvage attendant on post-war reconstruction.
  • Urban Hinterlands Project Lead consultant in a national strategic survey. Undertaken in partnership with Universities of York, Leicester and London, Essex County Council & others.

Current Students

  • Haggai Mor The application of property law to archaeological collections in England (principal supervisor Kathy Tubb)

Recently competed students

  • Nicky Garland An analysis of the Early Urban landscape in the Late Iron Age (second supervisor Andrew Gardner; principal supervisor Sue Hamilton)
  • Ken Marks Archaeology of Anglo-Jewry 1656-1880 (principal supervisor Andrew Reynolds)
  • Andy Agate Suburban development in Later Anglo-Saxon and Norman England (principal supervisor Andrew Reynolds)
  • Peter Coe Has there been a loss of archaeological heritage in Lyme Regis, Howden and Rye, since 1980? If so what might have prevented any loss and / or how might it have been adequately and appropriately recorded? (principal supervisor Joe Flatman)

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