Theano Moussouri

Research Interests

  • the interaction of museums and galleries with their audiences
  • the study of learning in free-choice learning environments, with particular emphasis on families and museums
  • the impact of museum experiences on different visitors (with particular expertise in family, school and independent adult groups)
  • the use of qualitative research & methods to study collaborative learning

Research Directory Records


  • 2005: Science Museum, London, UK Development of the evaluation plan for the formative evaluation of the new exhibition Aliens - Are We Alone?
  • 2005: National Trust, Wessex, UK Evaluation of the organisational model and impact of the Heritage Education for All project run in partnership with the Workers’ Educational Association.
  • 2004-5: King’s College, CILS, London, UK Basic research project into museum school field trips in collaboration with the Science Museum and the Center for Informal Learning and Schools: www.exploratorium.edu/cils/
  • 2004: Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK Front-end evaluation project of the new Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art due to open in the summer of 2006.
  • 2001-2003: Foundation of Hellenic World, Athens, Greece Concept and exhibit development, and evaluation for a mixed-media exhibition on Greek Mathematics (www.fhw.gr/exhibitions/math/en/index.html)

Educational Background

  • 1987-91: BA in Early Childhood Education, University of Athens, Greece
  • 1992-3: MA in Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK
  • 1993-97: PhD in Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK
  • Falk, J., Moussouri, T. and Coulson, D., 1998, `The Effect of Visitors’ Agendas on Museum Learning', Curator, vol 41, no 2, 106-120.
  • Hooper-Greenhill, E., R. Sandell. Moussouri, T. & O’Riain, H., 2000, Museums and social inclusion – The GLLAM report. Group for Large Local Authority Museums & Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, University of Leicester, UK.
  • Hooper-Greenhill, E. and Moussouri T., 2001, Making meaning in art museums 2: visitors’ interpretive strategies at Nottingham Castle Museum & Gallery, Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, University of Leicester, UK.
  • Hooper-Greenhill, E. and Moussouri, T., 2002, Researching learning in museums and galleries 1990-1999: a bibliographic review. Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, University of Leicester, UK.
  • Moussouri, T., 2002, ‘Museums and interpretive communities’, book chapter in Kokkinos, G and Alexaki, E. (eds), A Multidisciplinary Approach to Museum Education, Metehmio, Athens, Greece, 77-92, in Greek.
  • Moussouri, T., 2002, A context for the development of learning outcomes in museums, archives and libraries, MLA, London.
  • Moussouri, T., 2003, ‘Negotiated agendas: families in science and technology museums’, International Journal for Technology Management, special issue on science centres, Issue 25, No 5, 477-489.
  • Adams, M., Luke, J. and Moussouri, T., 2004, ‘Interactivity: Moving beyond terminology’, Curator, special issue on interactives, 47/2, 155-170.
  • Høg Hansen, A. and Moussouri, T., 2004, ‘”Fuzzy” boundaries: communities of practice and exhibition teams in European natural history museums’, Museum & Society, Vol 2/3, 35-68, available on-line (pdf file).
  • Moussouri, T., [forthcoming], ‘Mediating the past: museums and the family social life”, book chapter in L. Helga & N. Galanidou (eds), Telling Children about the Past, for publication in International Monographs in Prehistory, Ann Arbor Michigan.
  • Braund,M., Reiss,M., Dale-Tunnicliffe,S., Moussouri,T. (2006). Beyond the Classroom: The Importance of Outside-of-School Contexts for Learning Science. in Janiuk,R., Samonek-Miciuk,E. (ed.) Science and Technology for a Diverse World: Dilemmas. Lublin, Poland: Marie Curie-Sklodowska University Press, 145-159. ISBN: 83-227-2497-7

Current Students

Second Supervisor

  • Elpida Dragasi An investigation into the effectiveness of Greek legislation and policy in the protection of Cultural Heritage (principal supervisor Kathy Tubb)

 Recently completed students

  • Dimitra Christidou Does 'pointing at' in museum exhibitions make a point?: Research of visitors' embodied responses and their use in measuring participation and meaning - making (second supervisor Jeremy Tanner)
  • Eleni Vomvyla Addressing cultural diversity and inclusiveness through the archaeological past: A case study of multicultural Athenian Society (joint supervision with Ulrike Sommer)
  • Effrosyni Nomikou A museological approach to numismatic exhibitions. The case study of the Ashmolean Museum (joint supervision with Sally MacDonald, second supervisor Kris Lockyear)
  • Anastasia Sakellariadi Archaeology for the people? Greek Archaeology and its Public, if there is one: an Analysis of the Sociopolitical and Economic Role of archaeology in Greece from the Foundation of the Modern Greek State (1831) to the Present Day (principal supervisor Tim Schadla-Hall)

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