Saiping Ma

Saiping Ma

  • BA MS PhD
  • China Scholarship Council Visiting Research Fellow
  • Lecturer in Chinese Archaeology in Fudan University
  • Assistant researcher in Museum of Fudan University

Research Interests

  • Chinese Bronzes: materials and value; vessels and lamps
  • Culture and Civilization in the Bronze age, both in Western and Eastern countries
  • Field Archaeology: excavation and interpreting methods; archaeological photography
  • Public Archaeology: managing archaeological sites; exhibitions of artefacts; construction of archaeological museums

Research Grants Awarded (selected)

  • 2012: A test report of unearthed fuel from large Yunshan Mountain tomb(Co-Investigator with Director Li Zebin from Nanjing Museum)
  • 2012: Excavating Guangfulin Site, Shanghai,State Administration of Cultural Heritage Fund
  • 2011: Classification and chronological study of bronze in the Han Dynastic China, University of Fudan University Fund.
  • 2010: The ‘archaeological education’in the historical and cultural heritage protection, University of Fudan University Fund.
  • 2010: The study of stone building during Song and Yuan Periods in Zhejiang and Fujian Province, Humanities and Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education(Co-Investigator with Dr. Yan Aibin).
  • 2004: Comprehensive Conservation and Utilization of the Grand Canal Heritage Corridor, Government of Wuxi County Fund(Co-Investigator with Prof. Zhang Xuemin).
  • 2003-2013: Excavating Guangfulin, Shangbaogai, Liujiagoukou, Laowuyuanzi, Tanshaoxi Site, State Administration of Cultural Heritage Fund

Educational Background

  • Sept 2009 – July 2012 PhD Fudan University
    Research Subject: Chinese Bronzes, especial lamps
  • Sept 2004 – Jan 2007 MA Fudan University
    Research Subject: Chinese Archaeology
  • Sept 2000 – July 2004 BA Fudan University
    Major: Museum Study

Contributions to Edited Books

  • National treasures in Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty, Shanghai Academy of Social Science, 2004 (edited with Prof. Zhu Shunlong etc.).

Articles (Selected)

  • A study on the social value of the lamp in Han Dynasty, Culture of Southeast China, 2014.
  • A Review of Lamps in the Han Period(221 B.C -220 A.D),Study of Chinese Cultural Heritage,2013.
  • A summary of Chinese archaeological photography, Museum Research,2012,(2):64-70.
  • Archaeological site, museum, Classroom: three stages of archaeological education. Museum Research,2011,(3):75-79.
  • A new attempt of archaeological museum: on the establishment of disciplinary literacy and the foundation of discipline museum. Museum Research,2010,(1):12-16.
  • Formation and development of Su Bingqi’s thought on Public archaeology. Journal of National Museum of China,2010,(1):26-31 (Co-author with Dr Gao Menghe).
  • The spread of cultural heritage knowledge and its acceptance by communities: the demotic archaeology. Shanghai Cultural Relics and Museum,2009,(1):59-61.
  • Formation and development of public archaeology. Archaeological Society of China ( ed.). 11th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Society of China report to the General Assembly Papers. 2008(Co-author with Dr. Gao Menghe).
  • Usage of university museum at the University General Education, Museum Research,2007,(3):7-10.
  • The scale of the cemetery in the settlement archaeology: take cemetery in Wanzhou, Chongqing for example. Archaeology and Cultural Relics,2005,(3):66-72.

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