Louise Martin

Research Interests

  • Zooarchaeology
  • The role of animals in past human societies
  • Hunting and herding practices in prehistoric western Asia
  • Animal domestications; production and consumption of animal foods
  • Mammalian ecology and ethology

Research Directory Records


  • Çatalhöyük Project: Neolithic Turkey; Zooarchaeology (Director: Professor Ian Hodder, University of Cambridge).
  • Azraq Basin Project: Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic Jordan; Zooarchaeology (Director: Dr. Andrew Garrard, UCL).
  • Black Desert Project: Neolithic and Chalcolithic Jordan; Zooarchaeology (Director: Dr. Alison Betts, University of Sydney).
  • Wadi Hammeh: Epipalaeolithic (Natufian) Jordan; Zooarchaeology (Director: Dr. Phillip Edwards, LaTrobe University, Melbourne).
  • Iraq ed-Dhubb: Neolithic Jordan; Zooarchaeology (Director: Dr. Ian Kuijt, University of California, Berkeley).
  • Ras al-Hadd Project: Bronze Age, Sultanate of Oman; Zooarchaeology (Director: Dr. Julian Reade, British Museum).
  • Craven Street: 18th Century London (Director: Dr Simon Hillson, UCL)

Educational Background

  • 1985 BA Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, UCL, London.
  • 1995 PhD. (Archaeology) University of Sheffield. Thesis title: Hunting and herding in a semi-arid region: an archaeozoological and ethological study of the faunal remains from the Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic of eastern Jordan.
  • Buitenhuis,H., Choyke,A.M., Martin,L., Bartosiewicz,L., Mashkour,M. (eds.) (2005), Archaeozoology of the Near East VI: Proceedings of the sixth international symposium on the archaeozoology of southwestern Asia and adjacent areas.ARC Publications 123 series. Groningen: ARC Publications. ISBN: 1574-6879.
  • Russell,N., Martin,L. (2005). The Çatalhöyük mammal remains. in Hodder,I. (ed.) Inhabiting Catalhoyuk: Reports from the 1995-1999 Seasons. McDonald Institute Monographs series. Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, 33-98
  • Russell,N., Martin,L., Buitenhuis,H. (2005). Cattle domestication at Catalhoyuk revisited. Current Anthropology 46(5), S101-S108. ISSN: 0011-3204
  • Edwards C.J., Bradley, MacHugh D.E., Dobney K., Martin L., Russell N., Horwitz L.K., McIntosh S.K., MacDonald K.C., Helmer D., Tresset A., Vigne J.-D. and Bradley, D.G. (2004) ‘Ancient DNA analysis of 101 cattle remains: limits and prospects’, Journal of Archaeological Science, 31/6, 695-710.
  • Richards M P, Pearson J A, Molleson T I, Russell N and Martin L A, (2003) ‘Stable Isotope Evidence of Diet at Neolithic Çatalhöyük, Turkey’, Journal of Archaeological Science, 30/1, 67-76
  • Martin, L A, (2002) 'Terrestrial Mammal Remains from Bronze Age HD1, Ra'as al Hadd, Oman', Journal of Oman Studies 12, 169-180
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  • Martin, L & Russell, N. et al., (2000). Trashing Rubbish, iographs & British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara, 57-69.n I Hodder (ed), Towards reflexive method in archaeology: the example at Çatalhöyük, McDonald Institute Mon
  • Russell, N & Martin, L, (2000). Neolithic Çatalhöyük: preliminary zooarchaeological results from the renewed excavations, in M Mashkour, A Choyke, H Buitenhuis & F Poplin (eds), Archaeozoology of the Near East, IV, 164-170. Groningen: ARC Publicatie 32
  • Martin, L A, (2000). Gazelle (Gazella spp.) behavioural ecology: predicting animal behaviour for prehistoric environments in southwest Asia, Journal of Zoology, 250, 13-30
  • Martin, L A, (1998. The faunal remains from Dhuweila, in A V G Betts (ed), The harra and the hammada: archaeological explorations in the Jordanian Basalt Desert, 159-184. Sheffield: Sheffield University Press
  • Martin, L A & Russell, N, (1997). Surface Material: Animal Bone and Worked Bone, in I Hodder (ed), On the surface: Çatalhöyük 1993-95, 199-214. Cambridge/London: McDonald Institute & British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara
  • Martin, L A, Garrard, A & Colledge, S, (1996). The emergence of cultivation and pastoralism in the "marginal zone" of the southern Levant, in D. Harris (ed), The Origins and Spread of Agriculture and Pastoralism in Eurasia, 204-226. London: UCL Press
  • Martin, L A, (1995). Hunting and herding in a semi-arid region: an archaeozoological and ethological analysis of the faunal remains from the epipalaeolithic and neolithic of the eastern Jordanian steppe. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Sheffield

Current Students

  • Mariana Nabais Neanderthal small prey consumption in central Portugal (second supervisor Andrew Garrard)
  • Anna Spyrou Animal procurement and processing in the Epipalaeolithic of the Southern Levant: Zooarchaeological and ethnographic implications for storage and social organization (second supervisor Andrew Garrard)
  • Ying Zhang Animal procurement strategies in Neolithic of the Yangtze River Basin: Zooarchaeological and Ecological Approaches (second supervisor Dorian Fuller)

Second Supervisor

  • Stefano Biagetti Enthoarchaeology of pastoralism in the Acacus Mts (south-western Fezzan, Libya): a case study of Kel Tadrart lineage (principal supervisor Kevin MacDonald)
  • Jill Goulder The social, economic and technological impact of the early use of animals for pack transportation and traction, in Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia and Southern Levant (principal supervisor Stephen Shennan)
  • Tania Kausmally William Hewson and the Craven Street Anatomy School (principal supervisor Simon Hillson)

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