Jane Kershaw

  • BA, MSt, PhD
  • British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

  • The archaeology of northwest Europe 400-1000
  • Ornamental metalwork and contemporary art styles
  • The archaeology of trade and exchange
  • Metal-detecting and archaeology

Current Research Project

The Bullion Economy of Viking England

Despite written evidence for large-scale Viking raiding in England, little is known about the scale and impact of subsequent settlement. This project aims to address this gap in our knowledge through an original study of the Viking bullion economy, in which weighed silver was used as a means of exchange, rather than coin. While previous work on Viking bullion has been dominated by evidence from hoards, this project uses new and untapped archaeological data from settlement and single finds to provide a different perspective. It will, for the first time, identify the sources of Viking bullion, assess its scale and distribution within England and chart its development over time. The English evidence will be considered within the context of recent excavations in Ireland, Wales and Scandinavia, in the first comparative regional survey of Viking-Age economic zones and relationships. The results will affect not only our understanding of the Viking economy, but also broader historical questions concerning the impact of Viking settlement and assimilation into Anglo-Saxon society.

Educational Background

  • 2010: PhD Archaeology
  • 2006: MSt European Archaeology
  • 2003: BA Modern History


  • Kershaw, J. 2013. Viking Identities: Scandinavian jewellery in England. Oxford University Press. Medieval History and Archaeology Series
    The book is accompanied by a free, illustrated on-line catalogue, hosted by the Archaeological Data Service

Peer reviewed articles

  • Kershaw, J. (forthcoming) 'Scandinavian-related metalwork from the southwest: new light on the First Viking Age in Wessex', in R. Lavelle and S. Roffey (eds.) Danes in Wessex: The Scandinavian Impact on Southern England, c.800-1100
  • Kershaw, J. 2011 ‘A Viking-Age trefoil mount from Wymondham, Norfolk’ Norfolk Archaeology XLVI, 214-17
  • Kershaw, J. 2011. Viking-Age Scandinavian art styles and their appearance in the British Isles. Part 2: Late Viking-Age art styles. Finds Research Group Datasheet
  • Kershaw, J. 2010. Viking-Age Scandinavian art styles and their appearance in the British Isles. Part 1: Early Viking-Age art styles. Finds Research Group Datasheet
  • Kershaw, J. 2009. ‘Culture and Gender in the Danelaw: Scandinavian and Anglo-Scandinavian Brooches’, Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 5, 295-325
  • Kershaw, J. 2008. ‘The distribution of the ‘Winchester’ style in Late Saxon England: metalwork finds from the Danelaw’, Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 15, 254-69
Jane Kershaw

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