Alan Johnston

  • MA, D.Phil., FSA
  • Emeritus Reader in Classical Archaeology
  • Chairman of the Publications committee of the British School at Athens.
  • Co-organiser of Classical Archaeology seminars at the Institute of Archaeology.

Research Interests


  • Collaborations with the BSA Fitch Laboratory
  • Working on Iron Age pottery from the excavations of the University of Toronto at Kommos, South Crete
  • Working with the Archaeological Museum Split on inscribed material from sailors' sanctuaries in the Adriatic
  • Studying Iron Age pottery from the Pediada survey, Central Crete, in collaboration with the University of the Aegean

Educational Background

  • 1950-1961 Bristol Grammar school
  • 1961-1969 Merton College, Oxford
  • 1961-1965 Postmaster in Classics
  • 1965-1967 Diploma in Classical Archaeology
  • 1967-1969 Postgraduate research, conducted in 1967-1968 at the British School at Athens.
  • 1971 D.Phil. degree awarded for a thesis on Trademarks on Greek Vases
  • 1969-1972 Assistant, then assistant lecturer in Classics, University College, Dublin.
  • 1972- Lecturer, Dept. Classical Archaeology (from 1992, of Greek Archaeology) University College, London
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