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Norah Moloney

Research Interests

  • Lithic analysis
  • Lower/Middle Palaeolithic of Eurasia and Central Asia
  • Early human settlement in the Old World

Research Directory


  • Andrew Garrard in Sakçagözü, Turkey
  • Katherine Wright in Wadi Feynan, southern Jordan
  • Sandra Olsen, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, USA - Palaeolithic survey in Central Kazakhstan.

Educational Background

  • 1966 Certificate in Education, La Sainte Union College of Education, Southampton
  • 1985 Bachelor of Liberal Arts. Harvard University, USA
  • 1986 MA in Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, UCL.
  • 1994 PhD in Palaeolithic Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, UCL. Dissertation: Lithic Assemblages from the Middle Pleistocene of Iberia: the typology and technology of quartzite artefacts in the Spanish Meseta and Portugal
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