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Kathryn Lomas

  • MA, PhD, FSA
  • Honorary Senior Research Associate, Institute of Archaeology, UCL

Career Summary

  • Part-Time Lecturer and Tutor in Classics, University of Edinburgh (2010-11)
  • Research Fellow, Institute of Archaeology (2002-8)
  • Lecturer in Ancient History, University of Newcastle (1997-2002)
  • Leverhulme Research Fellow, University of Newcastle (1994-6)
  • Research Fellow, Department of History, UCL (1989-94)

Research Interests

  • Urbanisation in pre-Roman and Roman Italy
  • Cultural and ethnic identities in the ancient Mediterranean
  • Literacy in the ancient Mediterranean
  • Colonisation and Migration in the Greek and Roman world

Current Projects and Research

  • Developmental Literacy in Early Italy’ and ‘Etruscan Literacy’: two interconnected AHRC-funded research projects on literacy in pre-Roman Italy
  • Research on the urbanisation of Italy
  • Completion of a book on cultural and ethnic identities in the ancient Mediterranean

Educational Background

  • 1989: PhD in Ancient History, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • 1989: Diploma in Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • 1982: MA (Hons) in Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh

Edited volumes

  • E. Herring and K. Lomas (Eds), Gender Identities in Ancient Italy. BAR International Series S1893. Oxford: Archaeopress (2009). ISBN 9781407305158
  • A. Gardner, E. Herring and K. Lomas (Eds), Constructing Identities: Culture and Ethnicity in the Roman World (Institute of Classical studies: In press)
  • K. Lomas, R. Whitehouse and J. Wilkins (Eds) Literacy and the State in the Ancient Mediterranean. London, Accordia Research Institute (2007)
  • K. Lomas (Ed) Greek Identity in the Western Mediterranean. Papers in honour of Professor B.B. Shefton (2003)
  • T.J. Cornell and K. Lomas (Eds) Euergetism and Municipal Patronage in Ancient Italy. London (2002)
  • E. Herring and K. Lomas (Eds) The Emergence of State Identities in Italy in the 1st Millennium BC (Accordia Specialist Studies on Italy, 8) London (2000)
  • T.J. Cornell and K. Lomas (Eds) Gender and Ethnicity in Ancient Italy. (Accordia Specialist Studies on Italy 6) London (1997)
  • K. Lomas Roman Italy: A Sourcebook. London (1996)
  • T.J. Cornell and K. Lomas (Eds) Urban Society in Roman Italy. London (1995)
  • K. Lomas Rome and the Western Greeks, 350 B.C. - A.D. 200: Conquest and Acculturation in Southern Italy. London (1993)


  • ‘Language, identity and culture in ancient Italy’ in A. Gardner, E. Herring and K. Lomas (Eds), Constructing Identities: Culture and Ethnicity in the Roman World (London: Institute of Classical Studies. In press)
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