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Susan Harrington

  • BA, MA, PhD, FSA
  • Honorary Research Associate

Research Interests

  • Gender identity and craft production (primarily textiles) in early Anglo-Saxon society
  • Archaeologies of medieval woodlands.

Current Research project

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Educational Background

  • 2002 PhD UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • 1998 MA UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • 1997 BA (Hons) UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • 2007. Soft furnished burial: an assessment of the role of textiles in Early Anglo-Saxon inhumations, with particular reference to East Kent. In Semple, S. and Williams, H. (eds.) Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 14, 110-16
  • 2007. Cloth in Context: the textile fragments from the Early Anglo-Saxon inhumation burials of East Kent, Kent, England. In Rast-Eicher, A. and Windler, R. (eds.) NESAT IX - Archäologische Textilfunde, 124-8
  • 2007. Stirring Women, Weapons and Weaving: aspects of gender identity and symbols of power in Early Anglo-Saxon England. In Hamilton, S., Whitehouse, R.D. and Wright, K.I. (eds.) Archaeology and Women. Ancient & Modern Issues. Walnut Creek, California: Left Coast Press, 335-52
  • Brookes, S.J., Harrington, S. and Welch, M. 2006. Documenting the dead: creating an on-line census of Anglo-Saxon burials from Kent. Archaeology International 2005/2006, 28-31
  • 2004. A Study in Woodlands Archaeology: Cudham, North Downs. BAR British series 368. Oxford: Archaeopress
  • 2000. Fieldwork Report for the ASKED Project, In Papers of the Institute of Archaeology. 127-8. London: Institute of Archaeology
  • 1996. Looking for Loose Women: a Study of Unmarried Females in Camberwell, London 1871-1891. In, Faulkner, L. and Finnegan, R. (eds.), Project Reports in Family & Community History (DA301 CD-ROM), Milton Keynes: The Open University

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