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  • Sean Downey
  • Honorary Research Associate
  • s.downey@ucl.ac.uk
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Sean Downey

  • BA, MA, PhD
  • Honorary Research Associate
  • ERC Research Associate, EUROEVOL Project (2010-12)

Research Interests

  • Agent-based modeling (ABM) and GIS:  specifically the analysis of the relationship between subsistence farming and social institutions, non-linear spatial modeling, phylogenetic analysis of drift processes
  • Mayan Archaeology
  • Ecological Anthropology

Research Directory Records

Professional Membership

  • American Anthropological Association
  • Anthropology and the Environment Section of the AAA
  • Society for Anthropological Sciences

Educational Background

  • PhD in Anthropology, University of Arizona, 2009
  • MA in Anthropology, Northern Arizona University, 2003
  • BA in Archaeological Studies, Boston University, 1994
  • Downey, Sean S. In revision Can social network analysis clarify the resilience of Q'eqchi' Maya Swidden Agriculture in southern Belize? Ecology and Society.
  • Downey, Sean S. In revision The resilience of Q’eqchi’ shifting agriculture. In Social networks in natural resource management and governance (Örjan Bodin and Christina Prell, eds.). Cambridge University Press.
  • Lansing, J. Stephen, and S. S. Downey In press Complexity in Anthropology. In Clifford Hooker, ed., Philosophy of Complex Systems. Vol. 10 of Handbook of the Philosophy of Science. New Holland: Elsevier.
  • Karafet, Tatiana M. Brian Hallmark, Murray P. Cox, Herawati Sudoyo, Sean S. Downey, J. Stephen Lansing, and Michael F. Hammer In press Major East-West Division Underlies Y-Chromosome Stratification Across Indonesia. Molecular Biology and Evolution.
  • Lansing, J. Stephen, M.P. Cox, Sean S. Downey, Marco Jannsen, John W. Schoenfelder 2009 A Robust Budding Model of Balinese Water Temple Networks. World Archaeology 41(1).
  • Downey, S.S. B. Hallmark, M.P. Cox, P. Norquest, and J.S. Lansing 2008 Feature-Sensitive Reconstruction of Language Relationships: Using the ALINE Distance in Historical Linguistics. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 15(4). Also working Paper of the Santa Fe Institute #07-08-021.
  • Lansing, J.S., M.P. Cox, S.S. Downey, B. Hallmark, T.M. Karafet, P. Norquest, J. Schoenfelder, H. Sudoyo, and M. F. Hammer 2007 Coevolution of languages and genes on the island of Sumba, eastern Indonesia. PNAS 104(41):16022-16026.
  • Downey, Sean S. 2006 From Simulation Model to Critique of Structuration. Structure and Dynamics 1(2).
  • Downey, Sean S. 2005 Experimenting with “Lad Culture”: A Simulation Based on Willis’s “Learning to Labor”. Mathematical Anthropology and Cultural Theory 2(1).

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