Mike Corbishley
  • Mr Mike Corbishley
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer
  • m.corbishley@ucl.ac.uk
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY UK

Mike Corbishley

Mike Corbishley has spent his working life promoting heritage education in a variety of ways; teaching in schools and in adult education, training teachers, encouraging adults and children to take an active part in archaeology. He helped set up the Young Archaeologists Club in 1972 and is still involved as a leader in the Institute’s branch. He was appointed the first education officer at the Council for British Archaeology in 1977 and went on to join the education department of English Heritage in 1984. During his time at English Heritage he was also the Head of Interpretation and was responsible for commissioning the interpretation scheme at Down House. When he retired from his post of Head of Education he joined the Institute of Archaeology in 2003 as a lecturer in heritage education and principal consultant in education in the Centre for Applied Archaeology, UCL. He is responsible for the education programmes and resources for the Institute’s major research project at Ancient Merv in Turkmenistan. He has written a number of books for children and teachers about archaeology, the heritage and the ancient world. He has also contributed papers to professional journals and was responsible for commissioning the extensive Education on Site series for teachers while at English Heritage.

Research Interests

  • Education and outreach projects in education
  • Archaeology and world national curricula
  • Archaeological literature for children
  • Ancient Merv Project, Turkmenistan
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Mike Corbishley (white hair left of interpretation panel) with MA students in Eleusis, Greece in 2013.

Various excavation reports, including:

  • Barker, P A, White, R H, Pretty, K B, Bird, H & Corbishley, M J, 1997. Wroxeter Shropshire. Excavations on the site of the Baths Basilica 1966-90. London: English Heritage.
  • About 30 articles and books for heritage education, including:
  • Henson, D, Stone, P & Corbishley M (eds), 2004. Education and the Historic Environment (Issues in Heritage Management series), London: Taylor & Francis with English Heritage
  • Johnson, V, Corbishley, M & Hollinshead, L, 2004. Exploring Churches. London: The Churches Conservation Trust.
  • Corbishley, M, 2004. Aerial Photography:a teacher’s guide. London: English Heritage
  • Corbishley, M, 2005. The Cities of Ancient Merv: a handbook for teachers, University College London. (in Turkmen and English).
  • Corbishley, M, Fordham, J, Walmsley, D and Ward, J, 2008. Learning Beyond the Classroom: Archaeological Sites and Schools. Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites 10/1, 78-92.
  • Corbishley, M, 2011, Pinning Down the Past: Archaeology, Heritage and Education Today. Woodbridge: Boydell Press and Newcastle University.
  • Corbishley, M, 2013. Information, Disinformation and Downright Lies: Portraying the Romans in Mills, N (ed), Portraying the Romans, in Presenting the Romans: Interpreting the Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site. The Boydell Press, Woodbridge.
  • Corbishley, M & Joraev, G (forthcoming 2013). Politics, archaeology and education: Ancient Merv, Turkmenistan in Lea, J & Thomas, S (eds), Public Participation in Archaeology. The Boydell Press, Woodbridge

About 25 books for children on archaeology and the ancient and medieval worlds, including:

  • Prehistoric Britain Activity Book, British Museum 1989
  • The Middle Ages: cultural atlas for young people Facts on File 1990
  • Detecting the Past (Through the Microscope series) Franklin Watts 1990
  • What do we know about the Romans, Simon & Schuster 1991
  • What do we know about prehistoric peoples?, Simon & Schuster 1993
  • Superstructures: building the world’s greatest monuments Macdonald Young Books 1996
  • ‘An Ancient People in an Ancient Land’ in The Young Oxford History of Britain and Ireland, Oxford University Press 1998 Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ancient Rome, The British Museum Press 2003
  • 1999-2001 Real Romans, Real Castles, Real Victorians in the Digital Time Traveller series books/CD-ROMs/web links for English Heritage/TAG Publishing
  • The Gladiator Survival Kit, The British Museum Press 2004

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