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Adam Allentuck

My postdoctoral research is concerned with shifting wildlife hunting practices and mobility in the context of climate change in the eastern Jordanian steppe during the Epipalaeolithic period. The site of Kharaneh IV offers the opportunity to study the seasonal timing of site occupation, animal procurement strategies and animal consumption practices through zooarchaeological methods. My earlier work as a graduate student focused on issues of livestock exploitation in southeastern Turkey and Israel during the Early Bronze Age.

Research Interests

  • Zooarchaeology
  • Human-Animal Relations
  • Southern Levant
  • Epipalaeolithic
  • Early Bronze Age
  • Kharaneh IV
  • Allentuck A. Early Bronze I faunal remains from Hartuv. Submitted to The Archaeozoology of Israel. Bar-Oz, G. and Horwitz, L. (eds.). IAA Reports Series. Israel Antiquities Authority (in press).
  • Allentuck A. (2013) Raw material availability and technological choice: modified metapodia from an Early Bronze Age site in central Israel. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 23: 379-394.
  • Greenfield, H.J. and Allentuck, A. (2011) Neighbourhood Differences in Animal Exploitation and Consumption in an Early Urban Center: The Zooarchaeology of Early Bronze Age Titriş Höyük, SE Turkey. In It’s Good to Be King: The Archaeology of Power and Authority. Morton, S. and Butler, D. (eds.) Chacmool Archaeological Association: Calgary; 171-179.
  • Allentuck A. and Greenfield H.J. (2010) The Organization of Animal Production in an Early Urban Center: The Zooarchaeological Evidence from Early Bronze Age Titriş Höyük, Southeast Turkey. In Anthropological Approaches to Zooarchaeology: Complexity, Colonialism, and Animal Transformations. Campana D., Crabtree P., deFrance S.D., Lev-Tov J., Choyke A. (eds.). Oxbow Books: Oxford; 12-29.
  • Gibbs, K., S. Kadowaki, A. Allentuck, E.B. Banning, (2009) Early Bronze I Occupation at al- Basatîn, in Wadi Ziqlab, Northern Jordan. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 355: 31-50.
  • Kadowaki, S., K. Gibbs, A. Allentuck, E.B. Banning (2008) Late Neolithic Settlement in Wadi Ziqlab, Jordan: al-Basatîn. Paléorient 34(1): 105-129.

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