Fekri Hassan

  • BSc, MSc, MA, PhD
  • Emeritus Professor
  • Petrie Professor of Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology & Department of Egyptology, UCL (1994- 2008), lecturing on cultural dynamics and the origins of the Egyptian civilization.
  • Honorary President, Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organization
  • Editor, African Archaeological Review
  • Contributing Editor, The Review of Archaeology
  • Member of the Scientific Committee, UNESCO Potential Conflict to Co-Operation Project
  • Member of the Executive Board, Forum for African Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
  • Member of Scientific Committee, UNESCO IHP Water and Civilization Project
  • Member of the Steering Committee, UNESCO Water and Civilization Project: International Hydrological Programme
  • Member of the Ethics and the Use of Freshwater Working Group, UNESCO World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology
  • Member of the Advisory Board, The Holocene
  • Member of the Executive Board, Forum for African Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Water Policy : The Journal of the World Water Council
  • Member of the Board, Journal of Anthropological Archaeology
  • President, International Water History Association
  • Member of Executive Board, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris
  • Honorary Member, Société pour l'etude des cultures prépharaoniques de la Vallée du Nil

Research Interests


  • Cultural heritage management
  • Water & Civilization
  • Archaeological Perspectives on Ethics
  • Relevance of Archaeology to contemporary human issues
  • Cognition (lithic artifacts and rock art)
  • Climate Change
  • Origins of civilization and state-societies.


  • North Africa and the Middle East (fieldwork conducted in Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, and Jordan).

Contributions to the African Heritage and Archaeology website

Collapse of the Old Kingdom

A paper associated with the July 2001 BBC programme "Ancient Apocalypse" will be available from the BBC website.

Educational Background

  • B.S. (Hons), Geology and Chemistry, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt (1963)
  • M.S. Geology, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt (1966)
  • MA Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas (1971)
  • PhD Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas (1973)
  • Hassan,F. (2006). Abrupt climate changes and cultural dynamics in the Sahara during the Holocene. in de Lumley,H., Midant-Reynes,B. (ed.) Climats-cCultures-Societes aux temps prehistoriques, de l'apparition des Hominides jusqu'au Neolithique. Paris: Librairie Lavoisier. ISBN: 2-7562-0081-6
  • Hassan,F. (2006). The Lie of History: Nation-states and the contradicitons of complex societies. in R. Costanza,R., Graumlich,L.J., and Steffen,W. (ed.) Integrated History and future Of People on Earth (IHOPE). Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.
  • Hassan,F., Tassie,G., Flower,R., Hughes,M., Hamden,M. (2006). Modelling environmental and settlement change in the Fayum. Egyptian Archaeology 29, 37-40
  • Hassan,F.A. (2006). Objects of the Past: Refocusing Archaeology. Chapter 19 in Layton,R., Shennan,S.J., Stone,P. (ed.) A Future for Archaeology: The Past in the Present. London: UCL Press, 217-227. ISBN: 1-84472-126-4
  • Hassan,F.A. (2005). A River Runs Through Egypt: Nile Floods and Civilization. Geotimes, 22-25
  • Hassan,F.A. (2005). The Safeguarding of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage: Key Concepts towards an Integrated Approach. Gekkan Bunkazai (The Cultural Properties Monthly Journal) 1-4
  • Hassan, F. A. (Editor in collaboration with Mostafa El-Abbadi, Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, Mervat Seif el-Din) c.2002 Alexandria : Graeco-Roman Museum, a thematic guide. Egypt : National Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage and the Supreme Council of Antiquities.
  • Hassan, F. A. (Editor). 2002. Droughts, Food and Culture: Ecological Change and Food Security in Africa's Later Prehistory. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York.
  • Hassan, F. A. 2002. Palaeoclimate, food and culture change in Africa: An overview. In Droughts, Food and Culture, F. Hassan, ed., pp., 11-26. Kluwer/ Plenum, New York.
  • Hassan, F. A. 2002. Soul birds and heavenly cows: Transforming gender in Predynastic Egypt. In Pursuit of Gender: Worldwide Archaeological Approaches, Edited by S. Nelson & M. Rosen-Ayalon, pp. 43-65. Altmira Press, New York.
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  • Hassan, F. A. 2001. Archaeological Heritage Sites of the St. Katherine Protectorate. EEAA, Cairo.
  • Hassan, F. A. and H. Barakat. 2001. Report on the Cultural and Ecotourism Potential of the Wadi Gimal/Marsa Alam Region, Red Sea Hills, Eastern Desert. Tourist Development, Authroity, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Hassan, F. A., Barich, B. A., Mahmoud, M., and Hemdan, M. A. 2001. Holocene playa deposits of Farafra Oasis, Egypt, and their Palaeoclimatic and Geoarchaeological significance. Geoarchaeology 16(1): 29-46.
  • Hassan, F. A. 2000. Rain, rivers and fountains: the legacy of water and civilisation in the Mediterranean. In Water Security in the Third Millennium: Mediterranean Coutries Towards a Regional Vision, Forum of the UNESCO International School of Science for Peace, Villa Olmo - Como, Italy, 12-15 April 1999, UNESCO, Venice, pp. 213-240.
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  • Hassan, F. A. 2000. Cattle and climate in North Africa, a first approximation. In Blench, R. M., and MacDonald, K. C. (eds.), The Origins and Development of African Livestock: Archaeology, Genetics, Linguistics and Ethnography, University College London Press, London, pp. 61-86.

Forthcoming Publications:

  • Hassan, F. A. Water and Civilization (with J del Priscoli).
  • Hassan, F. A. Dams and Cultural Heritage (with Steven Brandt)
  • Hassan, F. A. The Archaeology of Farafra Oasis (with Barbara Barich)
  • Hassan, F. A. Contributions on "Nagada", "Egyptian Cities", and "Egyptian Geography". To appear in Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology.
  • Hassan, F. A. Terror in the Temple. Paper to be included in a volume edited by Philip Kohl.
  • Hassan, F. A. African Archaeology from Nationalism to Globality. in Podgorny I. (ed.) Nationalism and History of Archaeology.
  • Hassan, F. A. Urban Places: The Evolution of Power Landscapes. In Sinclair P. (ed.) Urban Archaeology in Africa, Routledge World Series.

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