Kevan Edinborough

Research Interests

  • Human-environment interactions
  • Pacific Basin and Old World archaeology and chronologies
  • First farmers and last hunter-gatherers
  • Chronometric methods
  • Archaeological theory

Research Directory Records

Educational Background

  • 2005 PhD Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, University College London (UCL)
    Primary supervisor: Stephen Shennan; Second supervisor: Andrew Garrard 
  • 1999 MA Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, University College London (UCL)
  • 1998 BA, Hons., Ancient History, Classics, King’s College London.
  • Shennan, S.J., Downey, S., Timpson, A., Edinborough, K., Colledge, S., Kerig, T., Manning. K., Thomas. M. 2013. Regional population collapse followed initial agriculture booms in mid-Holocene Europe. In, Nature Communications, http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/ncomms3486. ISSN (online): 2041-1723.
  • Burley, D. V., and Edinborough, K. Discontinuity in the Fijian Archaeological Record Supported by a Bayesian radiocarbon model. 2013. In press, Radiocarbon.
  • Richter, T., Mayher, L., Garrad, A., Stock, J., Jones M., Edinborough, K. 2013. Epipalaeolithic Settlement Dynamics in southwest Asia: New Radiocarbon Evidence from the Azraq Basin In press, Journal of Quaternary Science.
  • Woodbridge, J. Fyfe, R., Roberts, N., Shennan, S., Downey, S., Edinborough, K. 2013. In Press. The impact of the Neolithic agricultural transition in the British Isles: a comparison of pollen-inferred land-cover change and archaeological 14C date distributions. Submitted at the invitation of the editors for a special issue of Journal of Archaeological Science.
  • Riede, F., Edinborough, K. Bayesian Radiocarbon models for the cultural transition during the Allerød in southern Scandinavia, 2012. Journal of Archaeological Science, 3: 744–756.
  • Weninger, B., Edinborough. K., Jöris, O., Clare, L. 2011. Concepts of Probability in Radiocarbon Analysis. Documenta Praehistorica XXXVIII, Neolithic Studies 18: 1-20.
  • Briggs Buchanan, Marcus Hamilton, Kevan Edinborough, Michael J. O’Brien, Mark Collard. 2011. A comment on Steele’s (2010) “radiocarbon dates as data: quantitative strategies for estimating colonization front speeds and event densities” Journal of Archaeological Science Volume 38, Issue 9, September 2011, Pages 2116-2122.
  • Collard, M., Edinborough, K., Thomas, M. G., Shennan, S. J. 2010. Radiocarbon evidence indicates that migrants introduced farming to Britain. Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (2010) 866–870.
  • Rowland, J., Edinborough, K., Phillips, R. 2009. The Delta Survey: Minufiyeh Province,2008-9. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 95: 35-50.
  • Collard, M., Buchanan, B., Edinborough, K. 2008. Reply to Anderson et al., Jones, Kennett and West, Culleton, and Kennett et al: Further evidence against the extra-terrestrial impacthypothesis. In, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 105: E112-E114.
  • Buchanan, B., Collard, M., Edinborough, K. 2008. Paleoindian demography and the extraterrestrial impact hypothesis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 105: 11651-11654.
  • Weninger, B., Schulting, R., Bradtmöller, M., Clare, L., Collard, M., Edinborough, K., Hilpert, J., Jöris, O., Niekus, M., Rohling, E., Wagner, B. 2008. The catastrophic final flooding of Doggerland by the Storegga Slide tsunami. In, Documenta Praehistorica XXXV: 1-24.
  • Shennan, S. J., Edinborough, K. 2007. Prehistoric population history: from the Late Glacial to the Late Neolithic in Central and Northern Europe. Journal of Archaeological Science 34: 1339-1345.
  • Edinborough, K. 2005. Weapons of math’s instruction: One thousand years of technological stasis in arrowheads of the Scandinavian Mesolithic. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 16: 50-58.
  • Edinborough, K. 2002. Evolution of bow-arrow projectile technology: fieldwork report fromScandinavia. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology 13: 107-110.

Book Chapters

  • Shennan, S. J., Edinborough, K. 2013. Neolithic demography and the spread of farming into Britain. Accepted manuscript for “Hands Across the Water” conference volume. Friday May 6-Sunday 8th May 2011, Bournemouth.
  • Edinborough, K., Kerig, T., Shennan, S. 2013. Demography and cultural transmission in later prehistory: some implications for earlier hunter-gatherer studies. Accepted contribution to conference volume “The Upper-Late Palaeolithic Transition in Western Central Europe. Typology, Technology, Environment and Demography” 21st - 24th June 2012 in Rösrath Germany.
  • Weninger, B., Edinborough, K., Bradtmöller, M., Collard, M., Crombé, P., Danzeglocke, U., Holst, D., Jöris, O., Niekus, M., Shennan, S. J., Schulting, R. 2009. A radiocarbon database for the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic in Northwest Europe. In, Crombé, P., (ed.) Chronology and Evolution in the Mesolithic of Northwest Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Riede, F., Edinborough, K., Thomas, M. G. 2009. Tracking Mesolithic Demography in Time and Space and its Implications for Explanations of Culture Change, in P. Crombé (ed.) Chronology and Evolution in the Mesolithic of N(W) Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Edinborough, K. 2008. Population history, abrupt climate change and evolution of arrowhead technology in Mesolithic south Scandinavia. In, Pattern and Process in Cultural Evolution, ed. S.J. Shennan, Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
Kevan Edinborough

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