Enrico Crema

Research Interests

  • GIS and spatial analysis
  • Quantitative and computational methods in archaeology
  • Agent-based modelling
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Evolutionary archaeology
  • Settlement pattern
  • Hunter-gatherer archaeology

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Educational Background

  • Dottore Magistrale, Department of Oriental History, University of Bologna: 1999-2005
  • MSc GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, UCL: 2006-2007
  • PhD in Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, UCL: 2008-2013
  • Graduate School Cross-Disciplinary Training, Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL: 2009-2010

Journal Articles

  • Crema E.R (In press). A simulation model of fission-fusion dynamics and long-term settlement change. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (DOI)
  • Crema, E.R., Kerig, T., Shennan, S. (2014). Culture, Space, and Metapopulation: a simulation-based study for evaluating signals of blending and branching in archaeology. Journal of Archaeological Science, 43, 289-298. (URL)
  • Eve, S., Crema, E.R. (2014). A House with a View? Multi-model inference, visibility fields, and point process analysis of a Bronze Age settlement on Leskernick Hill (Cornwall, UK). Journal of Archaeological Science, 43, 267-277. (DOI)
  • Crema E.R. (2013). Cycles of change in Jomon settlement: a case study from Eastern Tokyo Bay. Antiquity, 87, 1169–1181. (URL)
  • Crema, E.R., (2012) Modelling temporal uncertainty in archaeological analysis. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory,19, 440-461. (DOI)
  • Crema, E.R. and Nishino M. (2012). Spatio-temporal distributions of Middle to Late Jomon pithouses in Oyumino, Chiba (Japan). Journal of Open Archaeology Data, 1 (DOI)
  • Lake, M. and Crema E.R. (2012). The cultural evolution of adaptive-trait diversity when resources are uncertain and finite, Advances in Complex Systems, 15, 1150013 (19 pages). (DOI)
  • Crema, E.R., Bevan, A. and Lake, M. (2010). A probabilistic framework for assessing spatiotemporal point patterns in the archaeological record. Journal of Archaeological Science, 37, 1118-1130. (DOI)
  • Mulazzani, S., Boussoffara, R., Aouadi, N., Azzarà, V., Belhouchet, L., Boujekben, A., Crema, E.R., Curci, A., Del Grande, C., Maini, E., Mannino, M., Mazzanti, C., Scaruffi, S.. (2008). Entre Sahara et Méditterranée. Le peuplement de Sebkhet Halk el menjel (Tunisie Orientale) penadant l’Holocène (Campagnes 2002-2005). AFRICA XXI, 189-212.

Book Chapters and Conference Proceedings

  • Crema E.R. (In press). Modeling settlement rank-size fluctuations. In Wurzer, G. Kowarik, K. and Reschreiter, H. (eds.) Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation in Archaeology<\i>. Advances in Geographic Information Science, Springer. (URL)
  • Bevan, A, Crema, E.R., Li, Xiuzhen, and Palmisano, A. (2013). Intensities, Interactions and Uncertainties: Some New Approaches to Archaeological Distributions. In Bevan, A. and Lake, M. (eds.) Computational Approaches to Archaeological Space<\i> Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press. 27-52. (URL)
  • Crema, E.R. and Bianchi, E. (2013). Looking for patterns in the noise: non-site spatial analysis at Sebkha Kalbia (Tunisia). In Mulazzani, S. (Ed.) Le Capsien de Hergla (Tunisie): Culture, Environnement Et économie <\i>. Frankfurt: Africa Magna Verlag, 385-395. (URL)
  • Crema, E.R., (2011). Aoristic approaches and voxel models for spatial analysis. In: Jerem, E.,Redo, F. & Szeverényi, V. (Eds.) On The Road To Reconstructing the Past. Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. Proceedings of the 36th International Conference, Budapest, April 2-6, 2008. Budapest: Archeolingua, 179-186. (URL)
  • Mulazzani, S., Boussoffara, R., Azzarà, V., Belhouchet, L., Boldrin, M. Boujekben, A., Crema, E.R., Mannino, M.A., Del Grande C., Mazzanti C., Scaruffi, S.. (2008). Between the Sahara and the Mediterranean: a study of the Middle Holocene communities of the Sebkhet Halk al Menzel (Tunisia). The first three Campaigns 2002-2004, in Menozzi O., Di Marzio M. L., Fossataro D. (Eds.) SOMA 2005 Proceedings of the IX Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, Chieti (Italy), 24- 26 February 2005. BAR International Series, n. 1793, Oxford: Archaeopress, 383-390.
Enrico Crema

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